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Eco-friendly Insect Repellent - Floral


Natural Deet Free Insect Repellent in a Floral Fragrance 50 ml

A revolutionary new deet free mosquito repellent. It features an innovative formula comprised of fragrant eau de cologne and an ingredient that makes you invisible to mosquitoes, wood ticks, wasps and bees. This active ingredient works by confusing the insect's sense of smell to prevent it from detecting your presence, but it is completely non-toxic, even for children*. The repellent works for four hours to protect you against mosquitoes and for two hours against wood ticks, and comes in a practical purse-size container. 50 ml.

Othe scents available are:

The-Citronelle: An elegant, green citrus fragrance suitable for both men and women.
Epices: A modern, spicy more masculine fragrance featuring notes of star anise, orange and cinnamon.

*Not recommended for infants, toddlers or during pregnancy