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ROK Espresso Coffee Maker - Customer returned


These ROK's are new, but packaging has been opened. All complete and the same 10 year Warranty on all metal components. These are an absolute bargain.

This ROK Espresso coffee maker from Presso is the ultimate eco-friendly machine for every coffee lover!

New and improved, the ROK is different to conventional espresso makers, in that it only uses as much energy as it takes to boil a cup of water in the kettle. Other espresso machines can be left on for long periods, or consume energy even when off. Espresso has been around for nearly a century and requires two very important things to extract a great drink. Pressure, and water that is around 90 degrees centigrade. If the water is boiling then the coffee will taste bitter.

These ROK's are sold as new, with all parts and the same 10 year Warranty on all metal parts.

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